The Trends – March 2019

When it comes to dancewear, the question is “what to wear?” Pieces with rhinestones, hardware and straps, and designer branding are all the rage in clubs right now and are the best styles to build your clientele and fatten your wallet.


In the immortal words of RiRi “Shine bright like a diamond!” Rhinestone pieces attract attention under stage lights and make you the center of attention. We have so many fun flashy styles in store–from loudly embellished bikinis, to more mysterious one pieces, to barely-there rhinestone fishnet bodystockings. These sexy styles are guaranteed to have your patrons’ eyes!

Hardware and Straps

It’s time to flaunt those curves! Dancewear trends are all about highlighting your best features; strappy styles and pieces with fun hardware are a great way to show off what you’ve got (and while you look great, straps and hardware can be functional too!)

  • If you’re bustier, I’d recommend one-piece slingshot styles with underbust straps to keep everything in place, or two pieces with lace up details to accommodate your bust.
  • For those with larger butts, strappy thongs and shorts are a great way to accentuate, cup, and lift.
  • If you have a more svelte frame, strappy tops let you accentuate your slim body type and strappy thongs will help boost your booty. Let those straps dig a little! It creates an illusion that makes your butt look bigger.  


If you want to be expensive, the easiest way is to look expensive; designer pieces do just that! With over a dozen designer brands circulating through regularly, in a ton of different styles, the perfect one is waiting for you! Chanel and LV are perfect for those who love the classics, Versace pieces put you on the pulse of modern designer trends, Adidas styles for those who are a little more sporty… these just a few of the great selection we have in store!

With new styles arriving weekly, there isn’t a better time to find something new and trendy to spice up your work wardrobe! Our huge selection of dancewear ensures that the perfect fit is waiting for you at Venus Unveiled.


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