Long Distance Cyber Sex

If you search the phrase “what are body safe adult toys?” on Google, 29,900,000 hits pop up. Coincidentally, this number seems to correspond with the amount of toys available and all of the various sources to obtain information from. For anyone (like myself) beginning their foray into adult toys, this is frightening and nearly downright discouraging. This week, my task was to research the We-Vibe 4. Needless to say, it was an informative experience.

Now, a quick note. Before beginning my research on the We-Vibe, I read this blog from Kinkly.com that told me some basics about toy materials and appropriate lubricants, which is not as obvious as you would think. The main thing I took away from this article is that in order to buy your first toy, you practically need an experienced employee, a life guru, and a notary present to help you make the correct decision while understanding all the facts and features. The most notable nugget of knowledge I gained would be that there are two basic types of lubricant: silicone and water based. Silicone is generally more slippery, and water based is generally easier to clean off. Counter-intuitively, you cannot use a silicone lubricant on a silicone toy. If you do, they will work against each other and the lubricant will erode your toy over time. This means that before even getting your toy, you need to understand how to identify materials without relying on manufacturer information, as well as selecting the appropriate lubricant to maximize its use.

Moving on. The We-Vibe 4 is marketed as a couple’s vibrator, but can also be used solo. Included in its unassuming packaging are said toy, a remote, a holding dock, and a USB charger. The website boasts that the toy is made from medical grade silicone, completely body safe, and 100% waterproof.

Fortunately, the basic way to use the We-Vibe is not rocket science. The toy is double ended – the smaller, flatter end is inserted vaginally to stimulate the G-spot. The thicker part rests on the outside to stimulate the C-spot. The toy is supposed to be specifically used during vaginal penetrative sex, so both partners enjoy the sensations. However, aside from the basic function, the vibration mode options get a bit more complicated. There are 5 modes available pre-programmed into the toy, but an extra 5 modes can be accessed if one downloads the We-Vibe app, available in the iTunes or Android store.

Since the toy is made with medical grade silicone, it is non-porous and “officially” body safe. Typically, it is okay to boil silicone toys to sterilize them.  In this case, the We-Vibe has electronic elements and a battery, so it’s best to just clean with mild soap (I would generally suggest unscented) and water before and after use without submerging the toy. If you would rather use a formula, the We-Vibe website suggests Clean by pjur. Quick pop quiz: If the We-Vibe is a silicone toy, what lube do you need? If you answered silicone, go back up and read paragraph 2. The correct answer is water based! If you’re still a bit daunted by brands, We-Vibe offers a “Lube and Clean” package.

Frankly, this toy is a marvel. Welcome to the future, where our pleasure tools can be charged by USB, are most likely smarter than us, and are accessed through our mobile mini-computers. The biggest upside to the We-Vibe is the ability to have couples play when they are not physically present in the same space. If one of you is a traveler or regularly long-distance, and if you’ve got a WiFi connection, the toy can be controlled from anywhere in the world! After studying this toy, it became instantly clear to me that this toy is a must have in your toy collection. It is suited for those who are a bit on the techy side with a comfort with apps and smart phones, and with access to a stable internet connection. Moreover, for those who want wireless control for ease or for long distance, it’s perfect.

My biggest stipulation is price. For all its wonders, the We-Vibe sits at a formidable $168 – yet with only a 1 year warranty. If I was considering this toy, this fact would make me pause. A multi-year warranty would seem appropriate given the price. If it wears down after a year of regular use, it equates to losing almost $200.

The only major drawback to the We-Vibe is that it isn’t what I would call beginner friendly. The amount of bells and whistles and customizable options is a bit daunting. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with firing up the old vibrator and calling someone on the phone.

Overall, this fancy little gadget is certainly inspired. If you fall into the target audience, it’s a great option to wirelessly go where no one has gone before.

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