Best Shoes for New Exotic Dancers

SKY309TT/B/BNHP 7" (17.8cm) Heel, 2 3/4" (7cm) Platform Two Tone Ankle Strap Sandal Featuring Neon Hot Pink UV Blacklight EffectAre you new to the exotic entertainment industry and need a little help deciding which pair of platform shoes to start with? Yes, platform shoes maybe the key to your success. Let’s jump right in. In the exotic dance industry the more popular shoes are the clear vamp/clear strap 7 inch heel shoes and/or the black patent leather strap shoes with their shinny style and durable wear. All in all, these shoe designs come in a colorful array, including rhinestone, “blinged out,” UV, holographic, glitter, light up, and just about any other combination one can image.
The platforms on the dance heels vary with heel height. A 7 inch heel usually has a 2 inch or 2 ¼ inch platform while the 8 inch heel has up to a 3 inch platform. True, the higher the heel, the higher the platform which makes the taller heels a little more comfortable and a little easier to walk in. The low 4 inch heel usually doesn’t have a platform, but the 10 inch heel is a wonder of the world. However, the most popular heel height is the 6 or 7 inch heel and usually worn by the more experienced dancers. It is recommended that beginners start with a 5 inch heel and work their way up as they become more comfortable, but don’t take my word on it. I’ve seen many new dancers start with the 7 inch heel and not miss a step. I would recommend trying before buying. Stop in to our store and try on a few pair and see what is comfortable for you. You may find that you’re ready for an 8 inch heel… well, maybe not, but it could be fun to admire. The 7 inch heel seems to be the most popular because it typically brings people up to an “average” height. Again the platform is 2 inches high, which offsets the heel and makes the shoe comfier to wear for longer periods of time. Oh yes, and there are so many different styles with these heel heights it easy to dance, strut your stuff, or pose at a kink event. Ultimately, the heel height desired has various factors, including height of the dancer, comfort, and strap security.
Speaking of straps, there are typically three types of strap styles: strapless (or “sandals,”), dual band (or double strap), and ankle strap shoes. Did you know that if your strap breaks you don’t have to buy a new pair of platform shoes? You can simple replace the strap with the convenient slip under clear detachable ankle straps. No the straps don’t tend to break that fast. Just a little note to help you save money. Anyway, these detachable ankle straps can be added to just about any platform dance shoe. For example if you have the sandal style shoe, with these detachable straps you can add an ankle strap and perform a pole trick with confidence not worrying about your shoes slipping off. Or if one of your shoe strap breaks, you can simple cut off the existing strap and slip these slip under straps right in place. Some dancers prefer to use a garter that wraps around the heel of their shoe and around their ankle. They say this is an easy way to hold all of their money as well as keep their shoes secure. Using a garter is an easy way to have the convenience of strapless and support. I can’t say that strapless platform sandals are more popular however, the advantages of the sandals are that they are easy to take on and off for any activity, most notably lap dances. In addition, shoes with a clear PVC (or clear plastic) without an ankle strap are a staple of dance wear not only for the illusion of mile long legs, but also because the strap will form to your foot over time, creating a perfect fit.

There’s also a dual band option. The dual band strap is an in-between style. With the dual band you have added security that your shoe will not slip off as easy, but when it’s time to take them off it’s just as easy as no straps. So, the biggest advantage to wearing shoes with a strap is ankle support and knowing that your shoe won’t fly off when you’re dancing. You wouldn’t want to hit someone in the head with a flying shoe, would ya? 
The most popular brand available is Pleaser shoes well known for their sexy heeled exotic shoes at reasonable prices. They come in many colors, sizes, and styles; most notably the iconic “Cinderella shoe,” with Lucite platform and heel and clear PVC slide. Pleaser shoes are perfect for coordinating with any outfit, the theme of your show, or to show your own personal style. The Pleaser brand has always been the leader in sexy alternative footwear and our little store wants to follow the same standard. Pleaser also caters to the Goth scene with its delicious line of Demonia brand shoes. Demonia’s are almost synonymous with Goth and alternative footwear. These funky shoes are just different from what you can buy at department stores. Most of them are made with vegan leather and styled with a 2 inch platform or higher. Don’t get me wrong, flats are very popular too, but you’ll often find studded stacks and black leather creepers at most punk and festival events. The point here is platform shoes are in and will be in style for a long time to come. More and more people are wearing exotic dance platform shoes as everyday wear. These shoes are said to be as comfortable as low heel shoes because of their offsetting platform.
Pleaser even has a 10 inch heel for those that really want to demand a presence. These 10 inch heels aren’t made for walking though. There is a warning on the label that states that the 10 inch heel is only for sitting and posing. I’m sure this rule is broken a lot especially with BDSM Doms since it gives them the ability to cut a towering and imposing figure, therefore instantly creating a physical power exchange.
Since this article is all about performers I can’t leave out the platform boot. Ankle boots, knee high, or thigh high boots add a different dynamic to your personality. They just speak “bad” (meaning good) in any environment. Imagine shiny black patent leather thigh high boots with multiple ankle straps paired with vinyl booty shorts or a form fitting mini skirt and a pair of fishnet pantyhose underneath. You won’t need to say a word, but all eyes will be on you when you strut your stuff at the burning man festival. Of course this is a cool look, but they’re also functional. Boots are sturdier with better closure and they help to avoid bruising or cuts from pole or floor tricks.
Whichever you prefer (straps or strapless, thigh highs or anklets) platform exotic dance shoes are an important asset for all performers.
Located in Uptown Minneapolis there’s a little store that has the largest selection of exotic dance shoes in Minnesota. They’ve been around a long time this store Venus Unveiled that began as an exotic dance store and grew to learn that the entertainment industry demanded unique and changing styles of footwear. There are 3,500 shoes on their website with sizes from 5 to 17! Their goal has always been to change with demand and support the need for the ever evolving shoe trends supporting Burlesque, Kink, Trans, Exotic Dancers, Cross-Dressing, Goth/Punk, and anyone that is looking for unique alternative styles.