About Us

Exotic Dance wear and sexy dresses

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leader in unique exotic dance wear in the nation and be the number one exotic dance and entertainer’s store in the 5 state area serving Burlesque, Go Go, Rave, Strip, Festival, Kink, and alternative entertainers.

We want to sell high quality, unique and fun clothing, shoes, and accessories to all types of entertainers with the best service possible.

Babydoll lingerie and High Wasited Bra and Panty set

Our Story

Venus Unveiled opened in 1999 as an exotic dancer’s dream store.

Since then we’ve grown to be known as everything dance, everything sexy.

With a history of outstanding customer service and support of the LGBTQ and Kink communities, Venus Unveiled continues to offer a respectful shopping experience to all.

Icy spiked heel ankle boot

Something for Everyone

We love bringing new and unique styles to the community with a goal to have shoes and attire that you can't find in department stores. Our unique collection of corsets and platform shoes are perfect for goth, fetish, exotic dancing and of course casual wear.  ...well casual may be a little different in our meaning.

Our store is always fun and full of energy.  And if you need to shop secretly just give us a call and set up an appointment.

Meet the Team

Our team strives to have the best possible customer service and product knowledge.  We have experienced members currently performing in the exotic dance industry, burlesque shows, and festivals. This talented team is indulged in the entertainment scene and often found mingling and supporting the community.


Kristina S.

Manager & Buyer

With many years of management experience, Kristina S. enjoys finding the best dance gear, lingerie, and corsets at customer saving prices.  She is very detailed oriented, enjoys crafting garments, and is a member of the burlesque community.


Jamie James

Online Sales & Marketing

Great businesses need support and you'll find Jamie James at the heart of making all things work well. He is empowered by all customers come first and is very responsive to changes in market and customer needs.


Jay J. Smith

CEO & Founder

Jay J Smith brings many years of experience in the exotic dance industry. His vision established a friendly and comfortable place where all entertainers feel welcome to shop in an open mind environment. Since 1999 he's brought innovation and dance style to the Minnesota community.

Next Steps...

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